Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yes. It is. Having the job I have, I can never really and truly know what I'll be walking into. The 10 second phone conversation I have with the nurse before I get there really doesn't do me any good.
Tonight, when I called in to get my room assignment, the nurse said "Room 555. It's just a confused patient." I waited to scoff after i got off the phone. Pshh. JUST a confused patient??!! Clearly she has not been with the patients I have been with. Most times the confused ones are the most difficult to be with. They see things that aren't there. Talk to people that aren't there. Cuss, hit, punch, kick, spit....you name it. Then theyre sweet as pie. Oy.
So i tip-toe into the room. She's asleep. Yes! 10 minutes later...wide eyed. Oh great. She says, "Why are you here?" I answered calmly and respectfully that i was extra help for the nurses. That i was there to help her in any way and get what she needed. She was happy. I told her my name. She said, "Oh thats a really pretty name. You're a really pretty girl, Erica." I was caught off-guard. I said thank you and sat taller in my chair. She complimented me on my naturally curly hair. She needed help to the restroom so I walked over to her bed and told her to just grab onto me and pull herself up, that she wouldnt hurt me.
She reached up and grabbed onto my forearm. She said, "boy you're solid as a rock!" the best response I could come up with was "oh hea? Well I used to play hockey...well I still do just not as often."
She seemed impressed enough. As she walked she told me she really liked my shoes. I said thank you and that ended the barrage of compliments.

As I sunk back I to my chair I thought, "gosh on a day that I'm really not feling good about myself she sure defeated everything negative."
Seemingly in no time at all, I was reminded just who was sitting with...a confused patient! Of course! She's confused! She has no idea what she's saying. She didn't really mean those things She had no clue what she was saying!

...or did she?
Kind of ironic who and what God uses to remind us just how great His handiwork is.
His handiwork is pretty, and solid as a rock.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

the neverending

i don't normally write poetry. normally.
but i did this one time...this one time last week, i did.

The Neverending

Find slumber, my restless soul.
You carry on like a long hot summer's night.
A neverending

Find ye the silence of sleep,
oh wandering mind.
Drift off to a neverending.

Find peace, oh restless thoughts.
Your freedom awaits
In the neverending

I close my eyes
And fall away
into the neverending.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

a day in the life...of vacation

So today i got to thinking..."I'm kind of feeling artistically/writer creative. Maybe I should blog?" 

get it girlfriends!

And then of course, at the moment of seeing myself, inquisitively staring at my computer screen, just oozing with creative flow, my brain stops the flow. And then i have NO idea what the heck i would write about!  Man! So, as i sat here, looking thru some old photos and some new ones, i thought a new thought, "I guess blogging isn't about how creative the words sound. or how well they mesh together. I suppose blogging is about sharing real life. most people wanna read about real life."  
on the dock!
So as i upload a new batch of fresh photos, i
decided i would share about my recent vacation adventures! It's been quite a while since i've taken a vacation...likea real live vacation. Of course I've made mini trips to NY to visit old college friends (as you'll soon see, this vacation is much like that) but those visits...well, they are like a one and done thing.  Go for 3 days, spend half the time driving to get there and back and then it's over before ya even realize it.  No doubt, i LOVE the time i get to spend there...but that's just it...the time isn't spent. It's...whisked.  gone in a flash.  but this time, i got to unpack, make a bed, go for 3 morning runs, do dishes, make smores and i even snuck in a small load of laundry.  ;)

not entirely how you play...

oh and there was also a kayak
sported by Dan and Jess

About 3 weeks ago, me and 11 other of my good friends got to spend the weekend at a lake house.  now, when i say 'lake house' i mean...darn near a mansion on the Canandaigua Lake in NY.  a little more in depth...there were about 12 bedrooms upstairs, along with 3 full bathrooms and a couple closets. On the main floor, a huge kitchen, dining room, sun porch, living room, den, a little rec room (which also had a full bathroom), a detached garage...with 2 sports cars inside, oh and a great view of the lake via a little closed-in rock patio complete with a fire pit for the cooking fool.   oh and there was a private dock.  oh and a little raised patio overlooking the lake.  oh and a yard where we laid out, played kan-jam and good ole' fashioned catch.  am i missing anything? even if i am, shoot, we were set.  OH!!! and the most important detail that got left out...it didn't cost us A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G! only the cost of our own food and drinks and gas for the transporters...total cost, $29.  Beat that, Best Western Suites.  I never had to wait in line for the bathroom.  i never felt like i needed to be in the same room with everyone at the same time.  it was wonderful. it was just...perfect. 

"sun's in my eyes!" smiles

the girls:
Taryn, Erin, Brooke, Cher, Jess, me, Michelle

i realize the word "perfect" carries a lot of weight.  but seriously...how could it not be perfect?  I was gone for 6 days. I got to go running with no agenda.  i woke up and drank hot coffee.  ate bacon and eggs.  ate bagels.  showered in a full bathroom ( in a house where 11 other people resided!)  that still amazes me. can you tell???  i swear...i never had to wait in line. scout's honor.  I would have to say, however, that more than the amenities of being on vacation in the physical place, the people you spend it with can make or break it.  And i'm quite certain i spent those 4 days with some of the best people around (300 miles away....)  That, i think, is what makes it perfect.  There's just something fun about piling bodies in a living room, around a normal-sized television to watch Jurassic Park. 3 pairs of hands reaching into the passing popcorn bowls.  apple cores sitting on coasters and side tables.  half-full plastic cups of water.  the men, sitting in the lazy boy recliners. the girls, sitting on each other, laying on laps, giving back massages, being girls. 

When it was all over, i left with a farmer's tan.  and more memories for the vault. 

minor poker game in progress...

the weekend roomie


there was no spooning...but a lot of floating

...and synchornized water dancing!

...some MAJOR cheesin!

...and finally, the view.

A vacation for the books...
                             or the blogs...