Thursday, May 26, 2011

wish me luck!

hi guys. So i have just recently signed up to run my first 10k. It has been on my list of things to accomplish for awhile now.  as the date nears, i feel more confident in my ability to run it.  let's not get not going to gun for the first 3 positions.  in fact...i just hope to finish somewhere in the middle.  i think finishing middle of the pack in something that is new to just as good as finishing it period.  I've run two 5k races thus far and decided to amp it up a bit.  hopefully next time i run a race after this 10k it'll be a longer one. 

i guess my times are respectable, given im not an accomplished marathon runner.  just one of those ones that, ya know, throws on some shorts and a tshirt, some headphones and a watch and just goes.  im not even a race-type runner. just yesterday, there was a short moment when the sun decided to poke through the clouds.  it was smack dab in the middle of my 5 mile ambition.  i closed my eyes and smiled.  i felt the warmth for a moment and then it was gone.  the song i was listening to is one that is actually sung by one of my most favorite people, Jessica Wallace (now Freda.)  the song is called Restore the Joy Of Your Salvation.  the song reached the Bridge portion of the song.  it simply states, "Pour out your mercy, Lord." and the sun came out...and i indeed felt His did my lungs and legs. just kidding. they were fine. 

i finished the 5 miles beating my previous times set.  5 miles in just under 45 minutes.  usually the amount of time it takes for me to complete a smidge over 4 miles.  i was happy.  It makes me appreciate the fact that i am able to run.  it makes me feel good.  it makes me feel good about me.  there's something about running that makes me feel like i could do anything.  like running a 10k next weekend! and other things too. 

wish me luck.   

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To Anna, and my best friend

i recently read a facebook status that quoted Art Buchwald.
        "the best things in life aren't things."
i've heard it before, read it before, as i'm certain you have (whomever 'you' is, there may not even be any 'yous' ha!)
Anyway, i responded to this quote and said something to the effect of, "no, the best things are people...and dogs!"  (Which i still believe, a few days later.)  This is why. 

I'll start with my best friend.  he is shorter than me..significantly.  but...he has 4 legs! we both have a yapper.  and know how to use it.  we sit on the couch together, we walk together, we fall asleep on the floor together sometimes.  and don't tell, but sometimes he 'accidentally' gets a sip of a slurpee.  I never have to wonder if he loves me.  i know he does.  how?  i can be gone for 5 minutes and he still jumps just as high when i walk back through the door.  i'll come out of the bathroom and he's sitting on the floor in front of the door.  i can feel the warmth under my feet as i walk across where he was sitting.  and i love him.  because he doesn't judge me.  because i make special trips to Tim Horton's for his favorite snack.  a cookie of course.  he stays up late with me and wakes up early with me. he shares my cereal in the morning...watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  he's always there.  he's my little dog.  he's my best friend. His name is Stuart.  or Stu. or Stuie.  or Little brother.  or Stinky Pete Stu.  =)  I LOVE him.  so much. 
Here's to you, little dog, if you could read my blog, you'd read it over and over again.  but instead, you sit patiently at my feet, waiting for me to drop this piece of bread.  i love you the same, little man. 

To Anna.  you follow my blog and no doubt read it, too.  i followed you around too.  when we lived on the same piece of land in Lima.  when we served the same little school that effected us the same and in different ways.  i'm certain i shared with you how i used to avoid walking through the little part of office where you used to work...because i was afraid of you haha!  let's face it, there wasn't much i wasn't afraid of when i first started at Elim.  Then i got brave!!! not really...i worked for a mutual friend, Sarah Lehman! (i miss you too...) And I HAD to walk through there!  Then i worked on summer crew...and i saw you...a LOT.  and i was glad.  i went through a rough time, and you were there.  you asked if i was doing alright.  i opened up...but not too much.  you wrote me a note and it spoke to me greatly.  you shared your experiences.  you opened up your heart to me.  and i knew you would pray for me.  then i never avoided that little office.  then we were neighbors!!! you had me over for dinner, we hung out, and chatted.  a couple times.  then i smashed my car to bits.  and you offered your car (brave soul.) haha
then you moved.  then i moved.  but you still asked me how i was doing.  and you actually wrote back lol
you cared. and it made me feel good.  then we met at Tim Horton's on one of my spontaneous visits.  and we talked and caught up.  you spilled coffee (or A.J. did =)  and you prayed for me.  then you blogged about what we talked about.  but you didn't use my name.  and i would have been fine if you had lol i read it every once in awhile.  Thank you for caring.

The best things in life aren't things at all...